4 Important Things to Know About Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is an everyday occurrence, and some people are going through it for the first time. If someone has never done it before, their first inclination can be to hire an attorney. While Singapore divorce lawyers can be costly, they have significant control over the client’s future. Therefore, it’s important to understand the following points before hiring a lawyer.

Most Lawyers Charge Hourly Fees

In Singapore, most divorce lawyers charge hourly—for almost everything they do. Lawyers’ fee structures can be very confusing, especially for the uninitiated, and most attorneys require a retainer before work begins. When the retainer is spent, the client is billed at an hourly rate, which can add up even in a non-contested divorce.

Lawyers Can’t Guarantee a Specific Result

Regardless of how expensive, adept or aggressive an attorney is, he/she cannot guarantee that a client will get what they want. All the attorney can do is negotiate with the other spouse’s lawyer; if negotiations break down, the case may go to trial and the stakes will get higher for everyone involved.

Attorneys Get Busy

Lawyers often have high case loads, and delays are quite common. When an attorney has to work on multiple cases, it may take longer than expected to arrive at a resolution. While some clients accept these delays, others want more one-on-one attention.

All Lawyers Have Different Styles

All lawyers are not the same, and their work ethics and style may differ. It’s important for the client to choose an attorney with whom they are compatible because it is expensive to switch lawyers during the middle of a case. Divorces are emotional experiences, and the stakes are very high. Therefore, clients should choose an attorney they can trust.

Many spouses hire divorce attorneys to handle their cases, but they do so without an understanding of the benefits and risks. Hiring an attorney is a substantial investment, and it can leave some people feeling as if they didn’t get everything for which they paid. If an unhappy spouse decides to hire a Singapore divorce lawyer, they can use the information above to make a more informed decision.