The Cost of Adopting a Child

The Cost of Adopting a Child

Every year in the United States, approximately 120,000 children are brought into their forever families through the adoption process. When someone considers adopting a child, they likely think of the cost before they think of almost anything else. Depending on the type of adoption sought, expenses may range from almost nothing into the tens of thousands of dollars. Many prospective parents turn to adoption loans, such as those found at, to finance the process. Below is an explanation of the costs of four common adoption methods.

Private Adoption Through an Agency

In a private adoption, a licensed agency matches potential parents with couples or expectant mothers. The total cost of a private adoption ranges from $20,000 to upwards of $45,000. Fees often include home studies, parental training courses, court documents, legal fees, and the counseling, legal, and medical expenses of the child’s biological parents. It is crucial for the adoptive parent to ask for written clarification of what’s covered, so they’re not hit with unexpected costs.

Independent Adoptions

When adoptive and biological parents are already acquainted, they may ask an attorney for help with an independent adoption. Costs are typically lower than those seen in private adoptions, but they usually range from $15,000-$40,000. Fees include, but aren’t limited to, home studies, legal fees for both sets of parents, court documentation, and the birth mother’s medical bills.

Foreign Adoptions

Adopting a child from outside the US may cost $50,000 or more, depending on the child’s country of birth; costs are typically higher due to immigration and foreign travel processing. Other expenses may include required education for the adoptive family, agency fees, court fees, medical costs, and mandatory documentation.

Foster Care Adoptions

Children of every age are in foster care and ready for adoption. This is the most budget-friendly way to adopt an infant or small child, with few costs involved due to state and federal adoption programs. While the welfare system’s priority is to reunite children and birth parents, that isn’t always possible, and the foster care adoption system is there to help put these children into loving, safe homes.

Adoption has its share of costs, no matter how it is approached. However, the rewards for parents and children are immeasurable. Visit the website to find out more about financing options for adoptive parents.

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