How Does Sitelock Help In Boosting Your Website SEO?

Website security is of utmost importance to protect your website from hackers and malware and keep it accessible to your customers 24/7. With the growing cases of cyber-attacks and other online threats, the importance of incorporating advanced security features within web hosting services is increasing as well. One such important measure is using the popular security application SiteLock website security.

The following video explains the advantages of adopting SiteLock for your website:

Advantages of SiteLock Security for Your Website

A vulnerable and unavailable website leads to poor SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking, as a website’s security is one of the important SEO ranking factors. In addition, the poor security and low SERP ranking will also make your website appear less trustworthy and credible to your customers.

Website security is important for SEO, and here’s how SiteLock security helps your website achieve it.

Regular website scanning and malware detection

At times, malicious links and malware are injected into the website’s code unknowingly, negatively affecting its SEO performance and harming the website’s visitors. And going back and reversing the entire process is too time-consuming and inconvenient.

A website scanning tool, such as SiteLock, scans your website’s code every single day to detect any suspected malware and automatically remove them or other threats. Such scanning reduces your effort to search for malware through the code line-by-line.

In addition, such website scanning and malware removal tools prevent your website from getting search engine blacklisted, saving your website’s SEO and business’s reputation.

Moderate comments spam activities

The malicious links hosted on your business website negatively impact the website’s SEO and even flags them as malware or spam, preventing users and visitors from accessing it. Hackers often place such irrelevant and malicious links on the website’s blog’s comments, damaging the website’s credibility and authority.

SiteLock security performs comprehensive network scanning and also blocks malicious or harmful traffic from reaching or accessing your website to avoid spam activities.

Boosts website’s speed with a CDN 

If malware is present on your website, it dramatically increases your website’s page loading time, leading to poor performance and SEO. But SiteLock’s TrueSpeed and advanced CDN (Content Delivery Network) boosts your website’s page loading speed and enhances its SEO.

A CDN is a web optimization infrastructure that stores or cache’s a website’s content across global data centers, quicker content delivery, and enhanced website speed. It also helps improve website security. The data transmitted from the website’s server to the user’s browser and vice versa is encrypted, not allowing any third-party entity or a hacker to access or modify the data.

Such lightning website speed with a faster content rendering process helps improve the website’s performance and SEO significantly.

Summing Up

SiteLock is one of the many website security services or measures that help protect your website from hackers and improve its SEO to enhance search engine visibility and business growth. SEO is a crucial factor for your website’s success, and if your website is not secure or does not incorporate security measures, Google can rank your website at a lower SERP position and SEO ranking.