Swim and Play with Dolphins

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Swim and play with dolphins. Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios offers packages that include a swimming experience with dolphins.
The benefits of swimming with dolphins … the most interesting are:
Channeling Happy Emotions
If you are feeling sad. Or you actually have mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder, there’s nothing wrong with trying swimming therapy with Dolphin. Because this one mammal can channel happy emotions to you.

Dolphins are unique animals, they give us a variety of inspiration. One of them is if you wear a swimsuit, then you are not like a dolphin, why? because our swimsuit is an imitation of dolphin skin. Dolphins’ skin is very unique, the skin on their bodies can reduce friction or water resistance, so they can swim faster and more freely.

But after reading this article we will know more, respect more about these animals, actually, we have to respect all animals.

12 interesting dolphin facts

1. Submarine Sonar.

Did you know that submarine sonar is inspired by dolphins? The way it works is that they produce high-frequency sounds, this sound will monitor if there are objects and the reflected sound will be recaptured, the great thing is that the dolphin’s brain can know the distance, size, and movement of objects. In addition, dolphins can communicate with other dolphins that are 220 km away. WOW

2. Dolphins will cling to their mothers for a long time.

Dolphins are social animals, they are not alone, they are always together. That’s also what happens with mother and child. The chicks will be attached to their mother for a long time, it can be 3 months to 8 years.

3. Able To Live Up To 50 Years.

If we calculate the average age of dolphins which is about 17 years. That’s why I think that the child and the mother dolphin can stick for a long time. However, some live up to 50 years.

4. Two Stomach.

Dolphins have two stomachs, one for digestion and the other for food reserves.

5. Able to Dive Up to 1,000 Times.

If you don’t know how much 1 foot is, then 1 foot is actually 30.48 centimeters or we can round it up to 30cm. That means 1,000 feet by 30cm is 30,000 cm or about 300 meters.

6. There are about 40 species.

40 species of dolphins are not only in the sea but also in freshwater. Each species has a different shape and size. the smallest is about 3-4 feet, and the largest is 30 feet.

Do you know the largest dolphin species? it’s a killer whale, weird isn’t it? that the animal bearing the name of this whale is not a whale but a dolphin.

7. Dolphins Help Other Members.

They are social creatures like what I said in the second fact. Their social sense is very high, the proof is that they will help their group members who are sick or injured, both young and old.

8. The Smartest Living Beings After Humans.

If we make a sequence, one to three then first is humans, second is dolphins, and third is chimpanzees. Lori Marino, a zoologist from Emory University in Atlanta, United States. said there is a psychological continuity between humans and dolphins.
I will explore dolphin intelligence more deeply than other facts because this is something interesting. There is a study that injured dolphins are taught to swim while healing themselves, after recovering and being released, the great thing is that these dolphins will teach other wild dolphins.

The smartest species of dolphins according to five are bottlenose (bottlenose). Their intelligence is like humans, that is, they think about their future. WOW

There are another study, bottlenose dolphins when given a mirror, are able to recognize themselves.

9. They Have Their Own Names.

This is proven by research by scientists, dolphins have different sounds when calling dolphins to one another.

10. Half Brain Sleep.

As a mammal that breathes only with the lungs and needs air. Dolphins develop their bodies so they can sleep with half a brain, this will allow them to be awake and alert from predators and can rest while taking a breath.

11. Dolphins are very friendly with humans and animals.

12. Having soft skin but heals quickly.

Having soft skin makes dolphins get minimal friction in the water, assisted by skin that is good for swimming, this allows them to swim 3 to 7 miles per hour, even up to 20 miles per hour. In addition, they are also awarded extraordinary healing, because wounds on their skin such as scratches can heal quickly.