These are the Benefits of Website Importance for Schools

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These are the Benefits of Website Importance for Schools. The development of website information technology today, especially internet technology, has a lot of potential and resources that can be utilized.
At present, the importance of websites for Sell links on your website is not only as a facility for backlinks and to get the latest information related to general information and reviewers. But it can also give a good impression and professionalism for the school. But it can also give a good impression and professionalism for the school.

Today’s internet users are always searching for information and knowledge, even shopping for necessities even though it is done via the internet. Provider facilities for accessing the internet are currently also increasing, apart from landlines, cellphones can also be via server networks or internet cafes.
And this proves that people are increasingly unwilling to be preoccupied with limited time and opportunities to view information.

School websites are currently becoming a trend in the world of education and school websites are getting attention, very good responses from various parties, both from education staff, students, and the community.
School websites can be used as online learning media as well as what is better known as e-learning.

This can help make it easier for students or students to access additional subjects that are often provided by teachers through the school website so that it is much more efficient and informative.
The importance of a website for education should indeed be encouraged so that students can easily learn, create, access grades, do assignments, and so on as a form of developing character education and also the introduction of information technology in students from an early age.

Indeed, it is not new if every school must have a website even though not all schools have a special website, most of them are in government or private institutions that do provide free sites for schools that want to create websites, for example at

However, there are some schools that don’t really care about the importance of a website because of several things, one of which is the lack of understanding of the school to build or manage a website.

Of course, the website that is created must be much more interactive and not rigid. In addition to the many benefits of websites for SMEs, also consider the following things that are the benefits of building websites for schools:

a. Profile

The website is an online home for everyone, school is no exception.
With the website, people who access can easily find out the contents of the profile of the school.
Activities, awards, extracurricular activities, competitions that are followed, school structures, and so on.
This makes it easier for others to know more about the school they are going to.

b. Media Information

Students will usually access grades or NISN (National Student Identification Number) from the school’s website which is published by their teacher via the web administrator.
Not only for students, but the school website can also be filled with articles that are useful for students and other people in general.

c. Learning Media

E-learning is an online learning medium from the school website which will have a good effect on the continuity of student education.
They become much easier to learn regardless of time and place.
That way, the added value for educating the nation’s children in a simple and varied manner can be realized through the online media.

Therefore, for schools who want to create a website, they can use some free cms which are very easy to apply, for example, like Blogspot and WordPress. If you can’t make it yourself, you can use our Website Development Services.
Because by making the school better known to the wider community with the website it has, it will have a good impact on the school.
The Importance of a Website for Schools as a Supporting Facility

Education must indeed go hand in hand with technological advances.
This technology was created as a result of education.
So, it is very natural when schools use technology products in developing schools, both in terms of the quality of students, teachers and to build intensive communication with parents.

The school website is a technology product that should be used by schools.
There are so many benefits that can be obtained from procuring websites for schools.

Here are some reasons why a school should have a website as a support tool:

1.Media of Information

Delivering information online is always faster than delivering information offline.
This is also supported by smartphone technology that can access information online very quickly.

Therefore, the presence of this school website can be a very efficient medium of information.
The purpose of delivering this information is not only for students but also for parents.
This means that in one website a certain column can be created that distinguishes which information can be accessed publicly and which information is accessed with a specific username and password for students and teachers.

In addition, the benefits for parents, of course, will be very easy in choosing a suitable school for their children later.
And through the information presented on the school website, parents will know the history of the school, vision, and mission, achievements and others.

For the students themselves, of course, there are also many.
Apart from introducing and familiarizing themselves with the use of web-based technology products.
Students also have the right source of information to access test scores, exam schedules, and more.
Websites can contain a lot of useful information for students. Both for formal education purposes and for self-development.

2. Self-actualization media

A website that acts as a media for publishing various kinds of content that will allow it to be seen by many people.
This condition can later be used as a place for self-actualization for gifted students.
For example, for children who like to write in the form of short stories, book reviews, essays, and others, certain columns can be prepared to mediate the child’s writing.

This means that the school website can act as a wall magazine.
Children can write many things as a form of self-actualization.
Moreover, the website can also be a gallery or a place to store various kinds of photos.
For example, photos related to interesting moments such as winning certain events, student observations, and admission of new students.
The website can be an archive that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

3. School promotion media

Every year there are always additional schools.
Be it private schools or public schools.
This is so that Indonesian children are touched by formal education.
However, the increasing number of schools turned out to be a separate competition for students.

Because it turns out that there is a favorite school, so that prospective students will compete to register at the school.
This means that to get prospective students, schools also need to carry out promotions in the community.

A good promotional media is the school website.
Modern society will certainly prefer to access information online.

Indeed, the importance of the website for this school has a lot of positive benefits if it is managed properly.
However, until now, not all schools have their own websites.
For this reason, the government should have exercised control over these conditions, starting from the provision of internet networks to building websites.