Make Meetings Easy – Desk booking software

Introducing an application that can save executives time in finding and booking meeting rooms outside the office, namely Desk booking software. This software allows companies to book a room anywhere in the world in just minutes.

Currently, booking a meeting room can take almost two hours, from contacting the room provider to arranging and processing prices. With this app, companies can save two hours per week—assuming one meeting per week.

Partnership, the world’s leading provider of flexible workspaces, brings together a global network of workspaces with Desk booking software. To get a meeting room, companies can access a network that has meeting rooms and video communication facilities. The software integrates with MS Outlook, allowing users to book a room from their desktop, mobile phone, or tablet.

Get a room with the amenities you need

With just a few clicks and a few filters, employees can book a conference room that fits their needs. Based on the type of meeting—such as face-to-face, team, or training workshops—they can even choose the facilities they will need.

Manage conference room details

App admins can add room descriptions, upload images, and define details for each room, such as the number of seats available, their location, and available amenities. This helps employees find the ideal conference room for the job.

Push check-in

Implement a check-in period and free up space that has been used. If they don’t check in within a certain period, the room will be automatically available for new bookings.

Track your room regularly

Get information about room usage with real-time dashboards. See space usage, when the meeting room is being used the most, in maintenance, average meeting duration, number of free events, and more.

Configure notification email

Automatically sends a confirmation email to employees, alerts the booking, and asks them to check in.

Automatically invite potential participants

When booking a conference room, the meeting organizer can quickly add to the invite list. This will automatically trigger an email notification with all meeting details, and keep attendees informed of changes.