Online Writing Course Writing is easy

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Online Writing Course Writing is easy. And can bring happiness. To become a reliable writer who produces interesting and readable writing must pay attention to three things, namely the interest to read and write, the intention to study seriously and take care of them consistently in writing.

The bestselling author of “Timely Dating”, Wulan Darmanto, said in the writing process, the writer was asked not to rely on mood or moods.

Online Writing Course Writing is easy

“Do not obey the mood and do not fix the mood. Spend once a day to write, because when we understand that we must write, then the flow arises, we will be in the mood to write, “explained the authors of these 10 books when speaking at the talk show”.

Easy Writing: Light Writing for Hobbies and Happiness ” in the Soekarman Theater Room National Library Services Facility Building, Saturday, (9/14).

This woman who has been active in writing since 2007 explained that diligently practicing and a long process must be passed to become a writer. “So don’t say I’m not talented.

Or how do I want to write? Studies show that it takes 10 thousand hours for someone to become an expert in their field. The key is to practice diligently and continue to process, “he explained.

According to Wulan, there are eight benefits of writing that can bring happiness to writers and readers. First, writing can build dreams. When dreams are written, they will be life motivation.

Second, writing makes the mind clearer. “Writing is very effective for introverts, hot-tempered people.

Writing can help you think more clearly, by releasing negative emotions, which cannot be spoken in words. Writing is proven to prevent divorce. My own friend experienced it, “he said.

This former journalist mentions six other things namely writing is useful for overcoming turmoil.

Online Writing Course

Writing is a pleasant experience that explores sad and happy moments in life; writing adaptive personal constructs; writing trains focus; writing is a soul therapy for overcoming sadness, and writing helps get through difficult times.

Wulan explained that writing was very effective in going through difficult times.

He gave an example of the third President of Indonesia, BJ Habibie, who overcame a difficult time after losing Mrs. Ainun Habibie by writing the book “Ainun and Habibie”. “When depressed, Habibie was asked by a doctor to write.

And it turns out that in 2.5 months, Ainun and Habibie’s books were written. Written when depressed and recovered right when the last page was completed.

This is proof that when writing, that difficult time will pass. And when you are happy, it will be a monument for us, “he explained.

Interesting writing will attract the interest of the public to read. Writing ideas or ideas can be mild things that exist in the surrounding environment or the experience of life itself and others. “I write light things that are a small change, I share it on the website.

Even the small ones sell some read. Writing is not heavy.

The impact of interesting writing, readers want to read, need to read, and readers experience reading dependence, “he concluded.

Online Writing Course, Add Knowledge Flexible Online courses can help those of you who want to gain insight and increase knowledge about flexible times and places. One online course that is high in demand is an online writing course.

Writing online courses are widely available with a variety of materials. For those of you who are interested in trying, Tempo Institute provides online course options that can help. Online writing courses that you can try!

The courses offered are online courses. In the courses provided, Institut asks various writing skills, likes to accept business, books, creative, academic, and public relations.

Some of the courses that have been opened on the official website are Basic Copywriting, Stationery Boxes, 30-Day Advanced Writing Nonfiction Books, and others. In addition, also provides two other services, namely Book Review and Publishing Consultants.

Book reviews take the form of video services about the creative process and book discussion directly from the author or the experts. Publishing Consultants provide professional consulting services that support and support institutions/institutions.

Online Writing Course

Is a course that specifically prepares participants in creating works and becoming a writer.

This can be realized in 40 days. In this course, you are not only guided to complete the manuscript but until the manuscript is published into a book.

The material that you will get is an effective way to make a script, the secret formula of the writer, the strategy to penetrate the publisher, how to make the writing easy to read, and other materials.

In addition, you can get a webinar once a month. On its website, there are many testimonials of participant alumni that you can take into consideration.

Come on Write

Another online writing course that you can consider is Let’s Write. During the course, you will be guided to complete ten writings.

Not only giving material, but you will be invited to understand and practice it immediately.

You will also get tips on how to unravel jams when writing and resolving deadlocks. Take it easy, the guidance of the Let’s Write course is done privately so that you will not be distracted by other participants.

On its website, Ayo Writing provides three special bonuses for those of you who take the course.

First is the self-publishing guide, which is a guide and guidance related to publishing the work independently. Second is the productivity booster, which is a guide and tools so you can be a productive writer. Third is free consultation for a year.

Young Writer

This online writing course is not open to the public. However, if you register yourself as a member, you can already take this course. There are several materials available, namely basic copywriting, book writing training, writing toolbox, and content writing courses.

For content writer courses, you can get tips and tricks about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), keywords that have a lot of visitors, and others.

Apparently Young Writer also makes applications that can be downloaded on the Play Store, you know! The Little Writer application is a writing guide for children or beginners who want to learn to write and want to become a writer. Take it easy, this application is provided free of charge.

Tempo Institute

Is an institution that focuses on conducting training, one of which is writing training. For those of you who don’t know,. Tempo Institute has an online class called Unlimited Classes. In Unlimited Classes, you can access video mentors, reading material, practice questions, and remote mentoring.

This class is recommended for those who are busy or have difficulty reaching the writing training venue.

You can access KTB01, a class that teaches writing techniques as a base class. In addition, there is also KTB02, you will learn to write opinions that have strong arguments.